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Tokyo, Japan, 152-8550

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Welcom to Tomohisa Tanaka Laboratory

 Tanaka Laboratory started from 2017. Our main research field is manufacturing and machining. The research topics cover many filed from the hardware such as machine tool, mechanic elements, to software such as CAD/CAM, production planning, scheduling. We also focus on developing new manufacturing technology, such as laser machining, high energy machining, and additive manufacturing. Among all of the above topics, the keywords of our laboratory are: application of high frequency vibration, micro machining using laser irradiation, High efficiency production system with integration of information technology.

Like many inter-disciplinary areas such as, robotics, medical engineering and bio-science, manufacturing and machining is also an integrated research field. We could like to encourage our students to actively adopt the new findings and knowledge from other fields. Therefore, besides doing experiments in the laboratory, we provide various opportunities for our students to attend academic conferences, technical trainings, and factory tours. We also provide chances for our students to communicate with the peoples from the industry and from other academies.

We would like to train the students enrolled in our laboratory to gain the ability to locate and solve the problems independently through the research project, and we hope our alumnus are able to play an important role in any filed after graduation.


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Member list was updated.


Member list was updated.


Wu (M1) and Kobayashi (B4) presented work at Spring Meeting 2018 of Japan Society for Precision Engineering.


Tomohisa Tanaka (Staff) became assistant professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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